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I was on a quest to learn all that was there. I was hovering books after books to learn and get insights. But I was easily maneuvered towards unwanted. I read "How to make money in Stocks" by William O'Neil, and it challenged all my knowledge. When Peter Lynch guided…

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Peter Lynch Was Right

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It was indeed the beginning. The book truly provided me with much more insights than I bargained. I was introduced to Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Ken Fisher, Joel Greenblatt, and their respective frameworks. I was hooked, and I wanted to gather all the knowledge I could. Since then, I have…

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Secrets Of The Stock Market

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It was raining money again. Why would I not be interested in becoming richer faster? Bitcoin was making new peaks every day, but I was burned before and was sure not going to take a chance this time. Since I knew little about crypto, I made my first informed investment…

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